Our Responsibility
Sanofi Lebanon Corporate Social Responsibility Programs
As a health journey partner, we are committed to making a difference, while contributing to the sustainable development of our community.


Group of people planting a tree  Group of people planting a tree

Liban Vert project

As part of its ongoing environmental mission, Sanofi Pasteur and the Rotary Club of Beirut, along with other regional Rotarians, seeded 30,000 trees across Lebanon in the aim to create a healthier and greener country and to encourage communities to protect, conserve, and manage natural resources. The trees were specifically chosen to suit the needs of every region and based on a concrete plan for a feasible and sustained reforestation. The forestation project has been developed to eventually buy, plant, distribute, irrigate and maintain 2 million trees across Lebanon. The initiative also encourages participating villages to develop eco-friendly surroundings through a self-assessment process.
Group of people in water plant  Group of people in water plant

Water Sanitation in Public Schools 

As part of its commitment to reduce the spread of diseases, Sanofi Pasteur recognizes the role and importance of creating a healthy environment and, in particular, clean water for children. As part of its ongoing CSR approach, Sanofi Pasteur and the Rotary Club of Beirut joined forces to create “Water Sanitation in Public Schools” a three-year project to ensure clean, drinkable water in public schools all over Lebanon seeking to improve attendance and the overall health and safety of the children.

The project involves the implementation of 1,400 filters in as many public schools in different areas in Lebanon. In addition to providing the installation, the project also involves continuous maintenance and water tests every three months to ensure the schools change the filters and commit to the prescribed sanitation guidelines.
Beirut Marathon  Beirut Marathon

2017 Beirut Marathon

For the 4th consecutive year, and as part of Sanofi Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, Sanofi Lebanon and Sanofi Pasteur in collaboration with the Rotary club, participated in the annual Beirut Marathon, held on November 12th.
The 42.195 Km race is organized by the Beirut Marathon Association, whose mission is to bring runners together from Lebanon and around the world in the spirit of unity and wellness in a major sporting event.

The marathon was a great opportunity to reveal Sanofi’s new “Empowering Life” tagline, while reinforcing the company’s mission and values as a responsible healthcare journey partner through powerful awareness branding. The participation of around 400 team members from Sanofi and Sanofi Pasteur was remarkable with their vibrant green t-shirts and hats, huge dragons, and enormous branded flags with Empowering Life, Stop Flu, Liban Vert, Multiple Sclerosis and Rare Diseases. A highly visible Sanofi stand was placed at a strategic point of the course past which all the 47,000 participants had to run.