Kidneys and Women’s health “PROTECT YOUR KIDNEYS AS YOUR FAMILY” Sanofi Lebanon: World Kidney Day national awareness campaign

Conference World Kidney Day Conference World Kidney Day
In celebration of the 13th World Kidney Day, Sanofi Lebanon, in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health and the Lebanese Society of Nephrology and Hypertension, launched for the third consecutive year, the Kidney Diseases National Awareness campaign.

Kidney preventive precautions are strongly recommended for women throughout their lives, especially during pregnancy. For this, the campaign encourages women to undertake regular follow-ups with their gynecologist and their nephrologist, urging them to play a vital role in endorsing a healthy lifestyle when raising their families to prevent kidney diseases.

Under the patronage of the Minister of Public Health in Lebanon, this year’s “Protect your kidneys as your family” campaign was launched in partnership with the Lebanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Lebanese Order of Physicians, the Ministry of Telecommunications, the Lebanese Order of Midwives, the Lebanese Syndicate of Hospitals, the Faculty of Fine Arts at Lebanese University, and the National Commission for Lebanese Women and was attended by health professionals and the press.

The event was headed by the representative of the Minister of Health, the President of the Lebanese Society of Nephrology, a board member of the Lebanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the head of the Health Committee at the National Commission for Lebanese Women.

To expand the outreach of the core message to a wider target audience, a series of on-ground activities were organized, including medical booths in over 75 hospitals across Lebanon, providing information and distributing awareness literature. Awareness booths in big malls, a walk to support kidney patients in collaboration with Beirut municipality, in addition to an SMS campaign launched with the Ministry of Telecommunications reached over 5 million subscribers, all played their part.

The campaign was also promoted through various media outlets with a TVC on all leading local TV channels, the press, radio, online portals and news sites to help deliver and spread awareness across the country.