Sanofi Levant Celebrates International Women’s Day 2019

Conference World Kidney Day Sanofi Levant Celebrates International Women’s Day 2019
Marking the International Women’s Day, Sanofi was honored to have organized a half-day event to celebrate women at the company with the attendance of prominent media members from the Lebanese scene.

An influential talk was given by Mrs. Lamia Moubayed, Head of the Institute of Finance, elaborating the important role women play in the society and her entrepreneurial experience given the societal constraints in Lebanon.

Country Chair and GM Sanofi Levant, Karine Labaky, presented the company’s vision with regards to Gender Balance and its importance in the workplace.

GM Sanofi Pasteur, Marwan Sherif addressed the importance of Gender Balance and the way forward to keep the company’s diversity a key factor at Sanofi.

In partnership with the Lebanese American University of Beirut (LAU), the “Developing Executive Presence” workshop took place with the aim to empower women to set goals, be self-aware, and learn self-management and self-confidence. A section was also dedicated to highlight the importance of building an executive brand image through body language and confidence in communication at personal and corporate aspects.