Together, empowering life!

Life is a health journey. For everyone, anywhere in the world, Sanofi is a partner of this health journey that aims to protect, enable and support people and patients when it matters most, so they can live life to its full potential.

At GEM we are all about that: a health partner who provides solutions tailored to the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. Empowering life!
GEM plays a central role within Sanofi and contributes to the sustainable growth of the company:

By virtue of its commitments

Sanofi constantly seeks to enhance and protect patients’ health throughout the world by providing medical solutions. The journey englobes quality medicines in diverse therapeutical areas .As such, Sanofi has been aiming at improving the health and welfare of our patients by ensuring the authenticity of Sanofi medicines in cardiology, thrombosis and internal medicine.

Your Health is our priority

Gen Med is the home place to our company Established Products (EP) and generics. We are designing our GEnMed franchise around the main business levers we can activate to accelerate growth within our market.

Standard of care in a variety of diseases, our brands are here to stay .It is our duty and our pride to support in all directions in an innovative approach close to the patient .
At Gen Med , we aim at creating value for patients healthcare system by unleashing the value of our portfolio by an innovative business model, entrepreneurial and engaged team.

The importance of an integrated approach

We build on our heritage and commitment to innovation to improve quality of life and support patients and healthcare systems by offering more than medicines. By combining Sanofi’s quality drugs with services, devices and data management, we aim at giving new hope to millions of people.

Our integrated care solutions aim to improve outcomes and patient experiences. We have developed innovative, value-based medicines and connected solutions designed to address the most urgent medical and societal needs. Through this work, our purpose is to help people with diabetes and cardiovascular disease improving their quality of life, and we aim at supporting the sustainability of healthcare systems.

Further opening to the external world

We aim at addressing healthcare needs by creating partnerships with key stakeholders such as healthcare professionals (physicians, pharmacists, nurses…), patients groups, health authorities, payers and other decision-makers with a specific focus on supporting healthcare systems in emerging countries. In these developing countries, together with our business approach, our corporate social responsibility approach is of utmost importance.

But challenges remain

People living with cardiovascular diseases still face many challenges. They see their doctors only few times a year; miss support in between; and need to adapt their nutrition, exercise and medication.

Cardiovascular diseases are also a burden for healthcare systems worldwide, due to the increasing number of cases and associated healthcare costs.
Even as therapeutic solutions become more effective, we recognize that the management of these diseases is a 24/7 job. As a health journey partner, we at Sanofi focus on improving quality of life.