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Sanofi in Lebanon

50 years
presence in the country.
employees with 40% Males and 60% Females
Medical Representatives

Sanofi in Lebanon

Welcome to Sanofi in Lebanon

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Sanofi Lebanon is an affiliate of Sanofi, the global biopharmaceutical company, focused on providing healthcare solutions in 170 countries around the world.

With its presence in Lebanon for over 50 years, Sanofi, the dynamic and rapidly growing organization, is constantly working to meet the needs of the country’s healthcare professionals and its patients by transforming scientific innovations into therapeutic solutions. It has nearly 144 employees with a 40% to 60% male-female split as well as sales team of over 84 employees.

Sanofi Lebanon operates through its local pharmaceutical operations, Sanofi Pasteur (SP) and Sanofi Genzyme (SGZ).

In Lebanon, the product registration, importation, and local distribution are performed through local agents. Our promotions are handled by Sanofi’s representative office in Beirut.

Sanofi Lebanon locally manufactures 30% of its portfolio generated by 6 core products/ 19 product presentations.

The full manufacturing project is a major initiative launched in Lebanon in 2016.

It aims to produce locally the Sanofi medicines with the purpose of ensuring the sustained supply of the Sanofi innovative pharmaceutical products, in compliance with the preset quality control, quality assurance and regulatory specifications.

At Sanofi, we remain extremely diligent in our localization activities supported by the Sanofi European donor sites, which include but are not limited to the transfer of technology, information, processes and know-how, the supply of the active starting material from the Sanofi manufacturing sites, and the sourcing of the other components from the Sanofi worldwide approved suppliers.

The achievement of this major milestone reconfirms the Sanofi position as a pioneer healthcare leader focused on patients’ needs. Sanofi looks forward to further projects supporting its added value in serving the patient and the Lebanese community.

Rare Diseases Unit in Lebanon

Life is a health journey for patients affected by Rare Diseases. Diagnoses and treatments of these diseases are often difficult due to their rarity and complexity.

Mount Lebanon Hospital, in partnership with Sanofi Genzyme launched during the annual MLH congress, the first Rare Diseases Unit in the Middle East as Sanofi mostly focuses on offering innovative solutions and services to help patients affected by Rare Diseases to be better diagnosed and treated.

This Rare Diseases Unit is established to provide services that complement our therapies to support the patients and healthcare communities that are small and often have limited resources.

During the congress, training for the specialty doctors, nurses and pharmacists working in this unit was completed to ensure patients are diagnosed on time and properly treated.